Gluten Free Donuts Recipe

I LOVE making breakfast. During the week, I have NO time. I could have time to prepare breakfast but I like sleep more. I have a one year old that likes to stay up super late and wakes me up during the night so you will hardly find me waking up before 7 am to make sure I am getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night. I could also prepare breakfast the night before but by the time dinner is cleaned up and the older girls are in bed I am so OVER doing any kind of chores. Plus, all the girls ever want to eat for breakfast is cereal so during the week that’s mostly what their breakfast consists of.

But, on the weekends I make breakfast. For awhile, I was doing something really fun which was Saturday Morning Surprise Breakfast. I would take one ingredient from two different breakfast recipes and place them in a bag. Then, I would let one of the girls pick out an ingredient and that’s what I would make for breakfast on Saturday and on Sunday I would make the other recipe. (Let’s be clear when I say it was really fun what I actually mean is that it is fun in theory (as most fun things I plan to do with the kids are). Because when I tell them what I am making for breakfast the girls actually just complain request cereal instead.)

Being gluten free can sometimes put a damper on breakfast. (Read my blog post HERE about why you should be tested for Celiac Disease before starting on a gluten free diet.) Donuts are completely out of the picture, or are they? I found this great recipe from Jamie Oliver and adapted it to be gluten free. They are not only tasty but super easy to make. They are sweet but not overly sugar filled. I don’t know that I would necessarily call it a donut. I feel like it’s more of a donut meats bagel but they are delicious. If your family is like mine then I would also recommend doubling the recipe. I didn’t because I wasn’t sure my blender could handle that capacity. It kind of stinks at blending which is sad because that’s it’s purpose in life. So here it is…let me know what you think.