Eat What You Love

If you follow me on social media then you likely saw that I was lucky enough to attend Danielle Walker’s Eat What You Love Cookbook Tour. My good friend from college lives out in Denver so I decided to take a little trip to see her and since we both love Danielle Walker’s recipes being that we have to eat a gluten free diet due to a gluten sensitivity (me) and a wheat allergy we both attended the book tour.

If you don’t know Danielle Walker or don’t know much about her she has become an amazing spokesperson for healing through food (and lifestyle) due to her own personal experience. You can read all about her story on her blog. She is the author of the Against All Grain cookbooks. At age 22, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Ulcerative Colitis. Doctor after doctor told her that diet would have no effect on her disease. Finally, she was unwilling to accept that answer and started a search. She tried a few diets with little success until she found the Paleo diet and started working with a naturopath to help identify and remove food sensitivities. (Wondering what food sensitivity test you should be using?) It has been 10 years since she was last hospitalized which she attributes to changing her diet and lifestyle.

What I love most about Danielle is that she doesn’t push her agenda on anyone (which would be a Paleo diet seeing that she is the author of a Paleo diet cookbook series). She advocates that food can heal but that you have to find the right foods for your body and the right foods for her might not necessarily be the right foods for you.

This is where I stress the importance of food sensitivity testing with the MRT test if you are suffering with an autoimmune disease because out of 170 different foods and food chemicals you get a list of which foods are safe for your body and which are causing harmful inflammatory reactions (check out the list of other conditions food sensitivity testing can help with as well as more faqs about testing here.)

Sure you could save some money and start an elimination diet, FODMAPs, SCD or GAPS diet (if I just lost you there don’t worry). But wouldn’t you rather have a road map guiding you instead of blindly driving down the road? I sure would and that’s the difference between food sensitivity testing with MRT and the diets listed above. Food sensitivity testing is your individualized road map. It gives you a place to start and guides you along the path. Whereas, the diets listed above are full of general recommendations which MAY help but they may not. If you choose one of those over food sensitivity testing then you could be causing a lot of unnecessary stress just playing a guessing game with a very restrictive diet.

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